The moment is urgent. The ruling class is using the economic crisis to accumulate more and more money and to increase its power. By claiming their enterprises are "too big to fail," they extort money through bailouts. As corporations and government merge, the state is being transformed into a market state with the purpose of defending private property at all costs. The ruling class lives in gated communities and works in skyscrapers that grow ever taller. Meanwhile, tent cities, slums, and shanty towns are growing across the country and world.

Our class has no access to any of that bailout money, even though we need the biggest bailout of them all – a new economic system without private property in which all share the wealth. In order to create a new society we must offer a program and vision for a new world. Creating and imbuing the American people with this vision is the overriding task of revolutionaries and the foundation of our organization, the League of Revolutionaries for a New America.

It takes money to develop and distribute analysis and new ideas and to build the organization and infrastructure necessary to get out the message. The League, an organization of volunteers, relies entirely on our members and the tens of thousands of revolutionaries who understand the importance of this task.

The League must raise money. We call on all League members to rise to this challenge. We also appeal to all who see and understand the importance of the League 's work to contribute in any way they can.

Money is political. It is an essential part of the League's political work and raising money must be part of every activity. It must be asked for, and asked for again and again. We cannot shy away from the question of money and pretend that we can get by without it. We must be educators and propagandists, but we must also be fundraisers.

The only way to raise money is to offer people the opportunity to give it -- to make donations, to develop relationships with donors, to sell our politics, raise money through our political work, hold events, and pass the hat. We must take the issue of raising money seriously and do all that can be done to bring money into the League and support its work. And when we have successes we must share them and our methods.

We must face up to the urgency of the times and live up to our tasks. A key task is raising money to support the growth of the League, and in doing so, build the revolutionary process. Failure is not an option.

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It Takes Money: Become an educator, propagandist and fundraiser