The Challenge of the Moment: To Move in Our Own Class Interests

The LRNA assesses the political situation and draws conclusions for what revolutionaries must do
and what kind of organization we need. CONTINUE...

The Anti-Evolution Movement and Scientific Materialism

The attack against evolutionary theory is part of the ideological attack on the working class and a component of the growing fascist movement in our country. CONTINUE...
Michigan: Harbinger of the future of America

With the highest unemployment in the country, political struggles are beginning to break out all over Michigan.

Rally, Comrades!
A New Voice for
New Times

Change is upon us. The only question is in whose interests will that change be. CONTINUE...
American Empire, Social Revolution, and the Tasks of the League

The American occupation of Iraq and the ongoing war there and its significance for revolutionaries in the U.S. CONTINUE...

The New Class:
A Definition

Since many of the articles appearing in Rally, Comrades! contain the phrase, “the new class,” the Editorial Board thought it would be helpful if we explain precisely what we mean by the term. CONTINUE...
The Rising Movement of the New Class of Poor in the South

This new class of poor is beginning to understand that the struggle is more than a fight around a single issue or a particular section of the workers or poor.

Why is the New Class Revolutionary?

Revolutionaries must strategically analyze which social force is capable of overthrowing the existing social order and reconstructing society. CONTINUE...
The South and the Revolutionary Process

Today, the struggle for unity in the South means the unshackling of the chains that have bound this country. CONTINUE...

Roots of the Southern Workers and Poor

The original Southerners came to this land from Asia some 40,000 years ago, making their way from north and west to east across much of what later came to be known as Mexico. The Europeans and Africans, the latter not of their own choosing, joined them some 500 years ago. CONTINUE...
Hurricane Katrina, Strategy and the Tasks
of Revolutionaries

he Bush Administration has skillfully used the crisis to advance the program of the ruling class at every step. CONTINUE...
The Battle Over US Farm Subsidies:
Global Integration and Political Instability

The Bush administration is caught in the midst of an inevitable dilemma. It has to lead the drive to integrate the US economy into the world economy and he has to do this under conditions which advance the interests of global capital, and particularly speculative capital.  CONTINUE...


The Practical Movement for Communism
The goal of this movement is a new society organized around distribution by need. This goal cannot be achieved
under a social system based on private property. CONTINUE...
New Conditions Call for New Tactics

We have to stop "fighting the right" and throw
our blow at the middle, the Democratic Party. CONTINUE...

Global Policy Debates

The development of the global economy points us toward understanding the policy debates among the ruling class. They are united to prevent the global class of poor from disrupting their plans. CONTINUE...
The Current Stage
and the Tasks of Revolutionaries

Revolutionaries need to show another system is possible. CONTINUE...

As the South Goes, So Goes the Nation
W.E.B DuBois brilliantly summed this up when he wrote: "The South controls the nation and
Wall Street controls the South."

The Battle over Immigrant Rights
Immigration is an issue of the working class and needs to be addressed and resolved by the class, taking up the banner - "An injury to one is an injury to all." CONTINUE...







Race in America
Political struggle is an art. This is nowhere more true than in the effort to unite the historically disparate sectors of the new, revolutionary class. CONTINUE...

The Changing
Form of the State
U.S. capitalism is restructuring the state in order to expand its opportunities for accumulation, maintain its hegemonic position in the world and to deal forcfully with the social eruption certain to occur as the impoverishment of the people becomes intolerable. CONTINUE...

May 1st: A new class being formed
This May Day showed our class is beginning to stir. When there is motion, conciousness of class
interests is possible. CONTINUE...





The Immigrant Movement:
A New Class of Workers on a Global Scale

Worldwide, a new class in formation, existing across borders and with common interests by virtue of its common economic plight. CONTINUE...

Revolution and the Role of New Ideas

History shows that fundamental change in society cannot take place without new ideas. Revolutionaries must bring the people a vision of what the new material conditions make possible. CONTINUE...

Globalization, Speculative Capital and US Hegemony

The dominance of speculative capital exacerbates global economic instability, fueling the conditions for political struggle and world revolution. CONTINUE...

The Middle East
and Our Tasks

US strategy is creating the conditions for catastrophic war. Only with political power can we solve the problems that threaten world destruction. CONTINUE...

Revolutionary Work Today: From Skill to Art

The era of transition from one economic form to another is the moment when revolutionary activity evolves
from skill to the level of art. CONTINUE...

Which Way Forward?
Private Property vs. The People of the Earth
The government's total and shameless disregard for human life and its meticulous attention to profits signal profound changes in the form and role of the state. CONTINUE...

What is the State?
What is Private Property?
The state is a machine by which one class suppresses another and protects its wealth and property. It rests on and reinforces the relations between classes in production. In a capitalist society, the state protects the private property of the capitalist class. CONTINUE...

The Role of Concious Leadership

With concious leadership to fight for a class program, a strategy to break with the capitalist class and an independant class party, the movement can become the force able to securea future of abundance and peace. CONTINUE...