A Future Without Jobs:
What is the Solution?

Automation and robotics are becoming hot topics. Some writers, like Martin Ford and Marshall Brain, recognize the impact these technologies have on jobs and employment, while others deny that these technologies lead to massive unemployment and insist that technology will in fact create jobs. Both camps in the argument have it wrong, but for different reasons.

Editorial: Woven with a
Common Thread

Property, race, electronics, laborless production and revolution. Everything is related, everything is connected. It is a complex, difficult path we tread, yet how we understand the world and what we do determines the outcome. CONTINUE...

When talking about the 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion, probably 90% of the American people would immediately reply that it was caused by the not-guilty verdict rendered in favor of the Los Angeles police who were video-taped beating Rodney King.

20th Anniversary of the
L.A. Rebellion

Understanding the 1992 Los Angeles uprising helps explain today's America of the Great Recession and mounting poverty for people of all colors. CONTINUE...
A World Beyond
Private Property

What do we mean when we use the term "private property"' in our current capitalist system? CONTINUE...
New Form of
Racism Emerging

We are entering a vast social revolution. Every aspect of American life is being torn apart and something new is being created.

Causality and
Human Will

Preparing for what lies ahead is one of the most important things that revolutionaries face today. There have been many organizations in the history of America that were overtaken by events and simply fell apart because they were not prepared for what came their way. CONTINUE...
Revolution in Health
Care Demands Revolutionary Vision

Hopes for legislative victories within the framework of the Democratic Party have soured. New leadership is arising and grappling with questions of power and political independence.

Revolution is Only Answer For the
New Proletariat

Just as the steam engine created an industrial working class that replaced the existing manufacturing class, electronic production is creating a new section of workers that is forced out of the productive process and that cannot survive in the old society. CONTINUE...
Editorial: To Awaken
as if From a Dream 

Revolutionaries today are fighting for the same ideals and vision upheld and fought for by the generations before them. That vision is of a society that provides the wherewithal for all its members to benefit from the material and cultural progress of humanity. CONTINUE...

Third Party: Breaking
the Ties that Bind 

As workers are increasingly thrown out of the production process and out of the capitalist economy, the subjective political ties are beginning to fray and break. The process is accelerated with the development of a third party, which becomes a new environment and school for political independence from capitalist rule. CONTINUE...
Consciousness of Society's Ills Fuels
U.S. Upsurges

Ideas are constantly in formation, and the stages of development of consciousness inter-penetrate one another. Revolutionaries engage with every significant occurrence or upsurge by clarifying the meaning and direction of these battles and disseminating a vision and strategy for their resolution. CONTINUE...

Future Turns
on What We Do Now

Each stage of development of the objective process kicks up revolutionaries created by this process of polarization. The more concrete and specific the connection to these leaders, the more effective the propaganda can be. CONTINUE...
Examining, analyzing and drawing political conclusions about the most critical issues facing the revolutionary movement in the United States today


Debt as a Class Weapon

Polarity between wealth and poverty stretches to the breaking point. Two antagonistic classes face off and fight it out until the revolutionary class succeeds in abolishing all private property strangling society. CONTINUE...

Historical Shifts
and the Danger of War

Every day the TV spends hours convincing the people that it is glorious to be severely wounded. The government, the military, the educational system, the media and industry have become a machine of unending war and a militarized society to support it. CONTINUE...
Instability in Time
of Epochal Change

Such times of instability are those in which dramatic and fundamental social change is not only necessary, but possible. CONTINUE...

Arab Uprisings
and Global Capitalism

Regardless of the outcome, the global capitalist crisis makes it impossible to solve deep-seated problems such as unemployment and poverty that have propelled the Arab uprisings in the first place. CONTINUE...
Public Banks
and Class Politics

The key question is not whether the banks should be nationalized, but what class controls the government and therefore in whose class interest nationalization takes place. CONTINUE...

Dig Deep, Spread Vision of New Society

ecome part of the effort to create a dynamic organization of revolutionaries. Contribute to the process of changing the thinking of the American people, and in that way, help make history. CONTINUE...


Public Education: What Are We Up Against?

The only way any fundamental change is possible is to take the political offensive and mobilize the political force to end the dictatorship of corporations and billionaires. CONTINUE...

Political Nature of Struggle

Our aim is to arm those who are socially and politically active with the understanding and the revolutionary organization needed to fight for our future. CONTINUE...
Editorial: Battle to Change the World

Fascism is objectively arising on a world scale to protect the interests of private property. CONTINUE...

What is political struggle?

To develop a strategy to bring our class to the stage where it can wage a successful struggle for political power in its class interests, revolutionaries must understand the process of social and political change. CONTINUE...
Transforming World Economy Lays Foundation for World Revolution

Qualitatively new means of production are destroying the old world and all its relations, laying the foundation upon which communism can finally be built. CONTINUE...

The Leap:
New Ideas are Key

We are entering into a period when there is a battle of ideas, and we must impart our message in effective ways to help the masses become aware of their class interests. CONTINUE...