The world is in the midst of rapid change. You or those close to you might have been threatened with or suffered loss of job and home. You are deeply concerned about what’s happening to our world.

You read, listen to the radio, and watch TV to understand what’s happening, but the answers aren’ t there. There’s plenty of news and analysis, but all of it comes to describing problems and proposals for fixing capitalism. None of it points the way to a new society. Rally, Comrades! stands out, offering a sound and clear analysis of the way forward. Rally, Comrades! shows how capitalism is coming to an end. It clearly describes the emerging struggle over what will replace capitalism: a new form of priv ate property enforced through fascism, or a new communal society for the well being of all peoples.
Human society is at a critical juncture in history where what people understand and what people choose to do will determine the fate of future generations.

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